As a project Shakespeare in Shoreditch developed from RIFT’s work on Hoxton Street with O Brave New World (2012) and The Trial (2013). The Festival was launched in April 2014 with the commissioning of 10 new plays and the inaugural Festival followed last October. Shakespeare in Shoreditch now operates its own programme of activities and became a charity in 2015.

Shakespeare in Shoreditch is dedicated to inspiring creativity through the lens of Shakespeare, between his 450th birthday in 2014 and the 400 year anniversary of his death in April 2016.

Apart from the names of the buildings on the Arden Estate, and Burbage Primary School, traces of Shakespeare’s Shoreditch are hard to find. Archaeologists from the Museum of London have identified foundations from both The Theatre and The Curtain but unlike Stratford-upon-Avon and The Globe, Shakespeare's life in Shoreditch is far from the public consciousness. This Festival celebrates the universality of his plays and characters for a 21st century Shoreditch.

Shakespeare in Shoreditch Ltd is a registered charity: 1161912. We are thankful to the support of our partners, sponsors and members who have contributed both financial and in-kind support to help us continue fulfilling the aims of the charity. To donate to Shakespeare in Shoreditch you can visit our MyDonate Page

Our trustees are Felix Mortimer, Joshua Nawras, Patrick Collier and Hector Proud.

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